The Activity App

In-Person is Better!

Human relationships are complex.

Like humans themselves, relationships have a life of their own. But…

We have no idea what other people want.

Intentions matter. They are the foundation that drives subsequent behavior. However…

Too many choices are exhausting.

We are inundated with well-meaning technology intended to help us better engage with those around us. Yet…

We are surrounded by people every day and we don’t know each other.

We don’t know who is around us; we don’t know if we want or need to meet them; we don’t know if they want or need to meet us. We walk by people who could be our next activity partner, dating partner, business partner, affiliation partner… we miss out every day.

Meeting the right people is hard. And maintaining relationships is even harder. There has not been an effective relationship engagement app until now…

ARIe App

One app for all of your life, for the rest of your life. Activities, relationships, affiliations, and situations, ARIe lets you discover, build, and nurture relationships with people and organizations across all the things you care about. 



See only others with mutual intentions and interests



Know if there is a mutual desire to connect



Approach each other when and how mutually appropriate



Share based on mutual context and relevancy

Now, let’s imagine….

You just moved to a new city. It’s going to be a beautiful Saturday.  You want to do an activity outside but you’re not sure what to do or who you could do it with. Where will you look?


receiving a notification on your phone and seeing people that want to do the same things you want to do, such as hiking, kayaking, boating, or biking. You happen to already be connected to a couple of people, but, most are new to you. Regardless, they are compatible with the things you like, are in similar situations, making you feel comfortable meeting them.  You also see that they are available to chat right now.

You walk into a business conference with 5,000 attendees. You have 4 hours to find the expert you need for your project. You’re faced with the proverbial “needle in a haystack” situation. Where do you start? 


pulling out your phone and seeing matches with 5 professionals that meet your exact criteria, know if they want to connect with you, see where they are in the meeting space, and if it’s okay to walk up and introduce yourself. As part of your virtual introduction, you send an engaging, 3D business card cube that contains your contact information, relevant photos, a short video clip, and a personalized audio message of why they should connect with you.  

You’ve been dating online for months and are totally discouraged by the experiences. You’ve spent SO much time combing through huge catalogs of supposedly suitable mates, only to discover the vast majority are fake or have intentions that do not match yours. Should you give up?


being selectively matched with others based on authentic, mutual intentions. No catalogs of photos, just specific matches based on intentions and supported by dozens of attributes of your choosing. No more having to constantly run searches – set it up, turn it on and let the matches come to you – any time, any place.

When you see someone you’re interested in, stand out from the crowd by sending a connection request, complete with a personalized ARJi!

You walk onto your college campus and there are students all around, and you don’t know any of them. You need a new roommate, study partners, and finding new friends with common interests, such as club sports would be great.  How will you find what you’re looking for?


pulling out your phone, tapping a few buttons, and discovering other students looking for the same things, one of which is a friend who just happens to be on campus as well.  Because of mutuality, you only see people who also want to see you. No more guesswork. No more dancing around trying to discover what the other person wants. And, imagine being in control of when and how others can interact with you.

ARIe, because people, context, and intentions matter