Relationships are complex.

Like humans themselves, relationships have a life of their own. Each relationship is unique.

Consider the adage that people come into your life for a reason, for a season, or for a lifetime. Because of this, we live in a constant state of discovering, forming, and nurturing relationships across an endless spectrum of reasons.

Yet, for all the experience we have with relationships, how often do we find ourselves wondering why they aren’t more successful?

We have no idea what other people want.

Intentions matter. They are the foundation that drives subsequent behavior.

As foundational as they are, there’s no consistent way to know the intentions of others short of asking them. Even with people we’ve known for years, unless they tell us explicitly what they want, we can assume and be wrong. But, asking is not always possible nor is it always worth the time and effort involved.

Often, we would be better served if we could know someone’s intentions before engaging with them.

Too many choices are exhausting.

We are inundated with well-meaning technology intended to help us better engage with and relate to those around us.

There are hundreds of apps that have taken a laser-focused approach to solve limited aspects of relationships, resulting in the need to use multiple apps to try and accomplish a holistic experience.

Managing a collection of disparate apps, dealing with the different experiences, maintaining profiles, knowing which app to use for what purpose is, well, exhausting.

A Relationship Renaissance is Upon Us.  ARIe is leading the way.