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AR Intentions, Inc was incorporated in the State of Delaware as a for-profit stock company in March 2019.  It’s three co-founders, Lyall Vanatta, Bobby Caudill, and Kulwant Mahal, are the majority shareholders.


In early 2018, Lyall and Bobby began discussing the intricacies of human relationships – how they start, how they grow – and quickly zeroed in on how amazingly hard it is to find the right people to connect with. With 7 billion people on Earth, how do we find the people we want and/or need in our lives who also want us? After much research, they concluded that what the world needs is a way to signal intentions to others in such a way that only those with mutual intentions are brought together.

So, this became their mission and they set out to solve the problem.  After a year of discussions and design and plenty of redesign, Lyall and Bobby felt ready to take the next step, to codify their work into an app.  They called their friend Kulwant, walked him through the idea and recruited him to band together to change the world.  AR Intentions was officially formed shortly thereafter.


We are unique in that we help people connect across all aspects of life: activities, relationships, affiliations, and situations.  Dinner and a movie with new acquaintances? No problem.  Finding a subject matter expert in business?  We’ve got you covered.  Looking for a date that meets all 50 of your likes, situations, and personal qualifications?  Easily done.  Want to find a new roommate or study partner at your college?  Press a few buttons and you’re there.  No need to look at your “feed” every 5 minutes across a dozen apps.  Relax.  We’ll notify you when you have matches.  Wherever you go, you’ll be able to see, know, approach, and share with people you want or need to connect with. ARIe is the app for all of your life, for the rest of your life.


Our engineering team has built the flagship ARIe app, which is now in limited public beta testing.  We are using feedback from the test community to provide various product enhancements and to gauge early product market fit attitudes.  We have a go-to-market plan and are expecting to launch publicly in Q1-2022.


The founders have bootstrapped the company for the past three years and have recently taken in some friends and family funding.  The company has a clean capitalization table and is currently raising its pre-seed funding via SAFE convertible notes.

If you are interested in learning more about the company and potentially becoming an investor, please contact our CEO, Lyall Vanatta at

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